Motorcycle Mindfulness

A few weeks ago I was feeling truly blessed.

I was on my motorcycle and I was riding though some of the most beautiful scenery the US has to offer. We rode through Valley of Fire, Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Arches, Dead Horse Point, Monument Valley and more.

It was stunning. It was exhilerating.

And it was frustrating.

I found it difficult to be able to mindfully enjoy the scenery while simultaneously  mindfully enjoying the experience of riding. This was most apparent during the ride along Highway 12 which featured the longest stretches of canyon twisties throughout our 10-day ride.

Craggy, rocky outcroppings gave way to shear walled cliffs which gave way to green trees, followed by the changing colors of fall which gave way to open plains. This beauty inspired feelings of peace and joy and provided me with a sense of renewal that I desparately needed.  But the road was at times challenging my skills to find the right lines through twisty switchbacks. Riding these roads requires a single-minded purposefullness, that if it wavers, could result in disaster.

In the end motorcycle mindfulness requires the pilot to focus on riding first, and enjoying the scenery second. Of course one cannot be purposefully mindful of two things at once so while the road itself was beautiful, I reveled in the experience of finding the proper line through the apexes of the turns. I truly enjoyed the journey. The stolen moments of scenery were bonus.



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