Courteous Drivers (video)

When I started creating this blog a couple months ago I knew I would not do much with it until my first trip which is scheduled for September 22 when our group sets out on a ten day ride through Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.  I plan to capture some of the best riding moments with a new action camera I purchased from Amazon. Today I attached the camera to my bike and filmed my commute.

Pretty boring right?

Yeah, I hadn’t planned on posting it anywhere. But, while on the road I was struck by the intentional kindness and courtesy shown to me by my fellow drivers as I transition from the 101 to the 60 freeways in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kindness does not need to be a grand gesture. It can be as simple as slowing down to allow a fellow motorist to merge.  This simple, small act can make a difference for you, for them, and for their loved ones. Aggressively blocking a motorcyclist (or, anyone for that matter) from merging could result in a crash, in injuries, in death.

The first precept is to refrain from doing harm. One way you can be intentional and deliberate in your daily life is to be courteous, kind, and generous when you are behind the wheel.  I am truly grateful to the drivers who allowed me safe passage across the freeway into the HOV lane.


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